“Dark Magic” – an ongoing series of mixed media collages, exploring the materiality, form, and the psychological impact of credit card marketing materials.

Debuted at Shockboxx Projects in Los Angeles, April 2019.

“Syncope” – an ongoing series of mixed media collages, incorporating repeating block-printed imagery and cutout color forms

“Touch” – an ongoing series of ceramic wall sculptures, exploring the rhythm and meaning of direct touch.

“Surface Tension” – an ongoing series of works on raw wood and board inspired by the simultaneous ferocity and harmony of natural forces.

Debuted in part at Gallery 825 in Los Angeles, CA, and Ghostwolf Gallery in Albuquerque, NM.

Drop Cloth paintings – a series of expansive mixed media works on raw drop cloth, incorporating full-body gestures and drawing media to express the cosmic and geological movements of my environment as experienced in my body.

Debuted in part at Keep Contemporary in Santa Fe, NM.

“Taking Form” – a series of geometric encaustic collages, incorporating collaged pieces of original encaustic monoprints and works on paper.

Debuted at the Museum of Encaustic Art in Santa Fe, NM, and Up With Paint by We Are This City.

“Beauty in the Breaking” – a series of oil, encaustic, and plaster works exploring grief and the coexistence of the body and spirit, created for “The Art of Healing” exhibition at Gallery with a Cause at the New Mexico Cancer Center.

“Rise Up” – a series of vertical works combining the forms, colors, and scale of stained glass panels with the spontaneity and physicality of action painting to express a kind of sacred vitality. ¬†Debuted as part of “Albuquerque Abstracts 2.0” at the Southwestern University of the Visual Arts and “Puentes De Compassion” at Santa Maria Del Vid Abbey in Albuquerque, NM.


Helios Rising – Mural Fest

“Tangled and Cut” – a series of conceptual works responding to the epidemic of gun violence in our communities. Each of the lines in these paintings represents the life of one person who was killed by gun violence in the last year. Each painting’s subtitle refers to the place and time of the deaths memorialized within it.

Debuted at “Guns to Arts” at form & concept gallery in Santa Fe, NM.