Art of Poetry, Art and Cake (March 9, 2022) (image and poetry)

Meet Ashton Phillips, Interdisciplinary Artist, ShoutOut SoCal (artist interview and photo essay)(Decembe 28, 2020)

Hobson’s ChoiceTorrance Art Museum, April 2020 (virtual exhibition)

Living Through a Pandemic: artists experiment, inspire, and persevere, Art and Cake (March 15, 2020) (photo essay and statement)

Art + ActivismSoLA Contemporary (February 2020)(images and artist statement)

Snuggle, Los Angeles Art Association Catalogue, Vol. 3 (February 2020)

Helios Rising, The aptly named mural that invites customers to Positive Energy Solar, Albuquerque – The Magazine,  (October 2019)(artist interview)

Figments: an Art Book, Asymmetric Magazine (April, 2019)(artist interview and featured images).

Intermingling impressions: “Melting Pot/Melting Point”, Santa Fe Reporter (October 5, 2018)(featured image)

The Four Directions, Los Angeles Art Association Catalogue, Vol. 2 (September 2018)

The Riot Within (Cover), Poetry Anthology, Ashley Livingstone Rutherford (publication forthcoming)  

Alpha & Omega, Gallup Journey, Arts Edition (January 2018)

Exposure – Art Exhibit Focuses on Alcohol Problem, Gallup Independent (Front Page, February 18-19, 2017)

Art exhibit sheds light on exposure deaths, Gallup Sun (February 17, 2017)

Defiance, Gallup Journey, Arts Edition (January 2017)

Morning Glow, Gallup Journey, Arts Edition (January 2017)

Sandstone Skyline, Gallup Journey, Arts Edition (January 2017)

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