(im)Material Remains

Multi-media meditations from the first three months of quarantine in Los Angeles County.  Filmed February through May, 2020.

Artist Talk on pandemic-responsive video work from Art in Isolation exhibition at Art 123 Gallery, curated by Christian Bigwater and moderated by Rose Eason.

CoVID Dreams

daily videos and freeverse writing from the first weeks of quarantine in Los Angeles County

L O O K  U P

March 28, 2020 – Los Angeles County

A triptych composite of three walking videos taken during the second full week of mandatory “stay at home” orders in California. 

At eye level, 
      the neighborhood is an eerie ghost town, populated by 
      nervous neighbors furtively darting away from each other 
      and the occasional lone vehicle. 

But, looking to the sky, there is a deep tranquility, 

     a spaciousness, and a kind of 


In the time of pandemic, the skies are momentarily reborn. 

The familiar 

     has cleared. 

Air traffic is almost non-existent. 

On this particular day, the clouds have even dissipated.

All that remains is the piercing, clear sun, and the lines of 
electronic communication that continue to connect us 
in this moment of global pause.

And, the invitation to walk - lightly, mindfully - upon the earth.
S U R R E N D E R (boiling point) 

Filmed March 31, 2020 - Los Angeles County 
And so, we return to our homes, as we have been ordered to do. 

We turn to the routine tasks of domestic life - making beds, 
bathing children, boiling pasta. 

We yearn for normalcy in these strained performances of 
everyday living 

But we can't quite find it. Even the most mundane tasks 

remind us 

of the storm brewing outside the door

And, maybe there is a beauty in that. Or, at least a kind of peace 

to be found 

in surrendering to our vulnerability 

Artist Talk on Covid Dreams as part of Doxa Exhibit’s Creatives in Pandemic series with curator Naomi Stewart: Part I    Part II     Part III

This series was developed as part of two collaborative call & response projects launched by Shoebox Projects at the outset of the LA County “safer at home” orders.  To view the full collaborations, visit:

Collaboration at a Distance with Leora Wein.

Collaboration at a Distance with Karrie Ross.

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