Beginning in abstraction 

(as a pathway to queer (un)knowing that opens up the space between words, categories, and legibility/certainty)  

emerging in material through embodied touch and gesture 

(as a way of connecting with and understanding the material world, including the gender dysphoric body)

and focusing on the interdependence and material entanglement of the human and nonhuman 

(both now and into the deep future)

my current practice is a way of staying with the trouble by asking…  

in this age of cheap, industrially produced “perfection” and pretend “permanence,” steeped in ego-electrifying paranoia and sanitization theater, topped with mass die-off events, hormone-disrupting industrial/consumer waste, and sun-blocking wildfires: 

What is really precious? (what is the real “trash”?) 

What is really beautiful? (what is the real vulgarity?) 

What is really possible? (what is convenient, self-absolving nihilism?)  

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