Available Work

(4) “Blossom” Series, including: (3) 36 x 36″, acrylic on stretched canvas and (1) 24 x 24″, acrylic on dry wall panel

“Arcoiris (Pitter Patter),” 44 x 140″, acrylic and crayon on gessoed canvas. A joyful, collaborative, mural-scale painting created by me with the active participation of my 3-year-old son (featuring father and son footprints and peek-a-boo crayon scribbles between pools of poured and flung paint).

(4) “Touch” – a series of small ceramic wall sculptures, exploring the rhythm and meaning of direct touch.

*The image in the lower left above (“Reach”) is being glaze-fired this weekend.  When finished, the colors will match the bright colors in the other three pieces.

(4) “Syncope” – an ongoing series of encaustic mixed media collages, incorporating repeating block-printed imagery and cutout color forms, varying sizes.

(2) “Mirror, Mirror” – a series of mixed media collages, incorporating graphite sketches made on the reverse side of hand-edited drafts of my artist statement.  The waxing process makes the text on the reverse of the paper legible, but it must be read from right to left to be deciphered.  10 x 10″

(4) “Chroma” series, oil and graphite works on paper, 12 x 12″

(4) “Verde” series, encaustic on paper, mounted on wood panel, 12 x 12″

“Totem” and “Grain”, encaustic mixed media, varying sizes.

(3) works from “Dark Magic” – an ongoing series of mixed media collages, exploring the materiality, form, and the psychological impact of credit card marketing materials.

(4) available works from Drop Cloth series, acrylic mixed media on drop cloth, large scale

(3) Geometric Abstractions, encaustic mixed media, variable sizes

“Axis” and “Things that Keep me Up at Night,” oil on paper, 12 x 9″

(7) available works from “Tangled and Cut” and “Rise up” series, encaustic mixed media, variable sizes

(2) available works from”Street” series, mixed media on board, 30 x 24″

(2) studies in wax drip over collaged sections of studio drop cloth, 24 x 24″.

(3) Works in Progress (not yet titled), including (2) 48 x 24″, mixed media on board and (1) 80 x 40″, mixed media on wood

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